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Some thoughts during the week before New Student Orientation

Dear Members of the Class of 2018,

It's hard to believe that one week from now, you will all have moved in.

The campus is abuzz, awaiting your arrival. Student fellows are here for training, faculty are moving into the two buildings (Sanders Physics and New England) that have been undergoing renovation for the past year, and the new college store, the Juliet, looks like it's nearly ready to open. I've also finished reading all your Statements of Academic Interests and assigning pre-major advisors. Reading the SAIs gave me a much better sense of who you are. A lot of you want to go to medical school; a lot of you want to major in neuroscience, biochemistry or economics. (A few want to major in all three.) There's a lot of understandable anxiety about the future and job prospects. Finally, there are still many Harry Potter fans among you, and that's good news for Vassar's quidditch team!

I've been reading your responses to Fun Home on the Moodle site as well: please remember to post and respond by this Friday. Today I was looking over the responses to Gretchen Lieb's prompts. The readings of your family photographs are fascinating, and I encourage everyone to take a look at those posts. I also think that your questions for Bechdel are wonderfully insightful, and I hope that some of you will "go to the source" as we say at Vassar, and pose those questions to Bechdel during her campus visit.

Safe travels over the next week. I can't wait to meet you and welcome you in person.

My best,
Susan Zlotnick
Dean of Freshmen