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New video posted on Fun Home Moodle

Dear members of the class of 2018,

We've just uploaded a new video on the Fun Home Moodle, along with new prompts. This video features Jeff Schneider, a member of the German Studies department, discussing how to read Fun Home as a queer text. In addition to teaching in the German Studies department, Mr. Schneider participates in the Program in Women's Studies, where he supports the program's offerings in queer studies.

Some of you have discovered the new video and have begun responding. Mr. Schneider's question about the intertextual nature of Bechdel's text has already generated two excellent posts, one on Fitzgerald and the other on Camus.

Everyone should post and respond to two other posts by the third week in August, when you are packing your bags in earnest for the trip to Vassar. Around that time, I'll enroll the pre-major advisors in the Fun Home Moodle, so that the faculty will be able to enjoy the videos and your posts.

Susan Zlotnick
Dean of Freshmen