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Advising videos

Dear Members of the Class of 2018,

I asked several colleagues to make short, advising videos that would help you with placing yourself into the right course given your high school preparation. If you are not sure that you've elected the right class, please consult the Freshman Handbook as well as these advising videos, which I've linked below but are housed on the Vassar You Tube channel. These advising videos are an experiment: the Dean of Freshmen Office has never done anything like them before. I'm hoping you enjoy meeting (virtually) a few members of the faculty before arriving on campus. Let me know what you think of the videos.

If, even after scrupulously reading the Freshman Handbook and watching these videos, you are not sure what level of math, chemistry, or Spanish, for example, to place yourself in, don't worry. There is time set aside during New Student Orientation for students to consult with representatives from academic departments and programs to discuss appropriate placement in courses. The New Student Orientation Schedule is available electronically on the Dean of Freshmen website.

Finally, the last video on the list was made by the Art Department to offer incoming students some information about Art 105-106, the department's year-long introduction to the history of art. Check it out as well.

“Advising U”
Natalie Priebe Frank, Department of Mathematics

Bill Straus, Department of Biology

Mihai Grunfeld, Hispanic Studies

Zachary Donhauser, Chemistry

Art 105-106