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Pre-Registration/Statement of Academic Interests deadline is July 23

Dear Class of 2018,

We're deep in summer right now, smack in the middle of July, and the beginning of the academic year seems very far away. But it's not, and by August the Dean of Freshmen Office swings into action, finalizing the details for New Student Orientation, assigning pre-major advisors, and making any necessary adjustments to the curriculum based on your course requests. To make all that happen, I need you to do two things during the next week.

First, please enter your course selections. The Registrar told me that 186 members of the class have yet to pre-register.

Second, about 400 of you have not submitted your Statement of Academic Interests. I use the Statements to assign pre-major advisors. Here's how the process goes: I print out the Statements, organize them into stacks based on areas of curricular interest, and then I read each Statement and assign each one of you a faculty advisor, drawing on my knowledge of the Vassar faculty and what you've written. If I don't have a Statement from you, I don't have any basis for choosing a pre-major advisor, and thus I have to assign you someone randomly. To be sure, having an advisor assigned to you randomly is not necessarily a terrible thing because all Vassar faculty have a general working knowledge of the curriculum. You don't need expertise in a particular department or area of the curriculum until you declare your major, when you will be assigned a major advisor. However, most students seem to prefer pre-major advisors who teach in areas of the curriculum they wish to explore. Moreover, the Statements are shared with your pre-major advisors in advance of your first meetings. If I don't have a Statement to share, you will--quite literally--be a blank page to your pre-major advisor.

So don't delay, pre-register (and submit your Statements of Academic Interest) today!