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Registration Updates

Dear Class of 2018,

I have a few important registration updates to share with you.

First, both sections of ECON 112: Pre-Modern Economic Growth have been cancelled. If you selected ECON 112.01 or ECON 112.02 as one of your three Freshman Writing Seminars, you will need to go back into the pre-registration system and choose an alternative to ECON 112. ECON 112 will be cleared from your pre-registration requests by tomorrow morning, and then you will be able to enter your new selection.

Second, PHYS 200 will be added to the Freshman Schedule of Classes. If you've taken the online physics placement exam and as a result been told to pre-register for PHYS 200, you will be able to do so, beginning on Monday.

Finally, the Registrar informed me that 235 incoming freshmen have yet to pre-register. If you have not pre-registered, please do so as soon as possible, but certainly before the July 23rd deadline. I know that choosing college classes for the first time is challenging (so many great classes, so little time), but you will have plenty of opportunity during New Student Orientation and the drop/add period to revise your schedule.

My best,