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It's August

Dear Class of 2017,

Happy August 1st!  I'm sure you are all excited about the imminent prospect of Move-In Day, now only a few weeks away.

Here in the Dean of Freshmen's Office, I've begun reading through your Statements of Academic Interests and assigning pre-major advisors.  It's a long process, so I suspect I'll be at it for a while, but I'm enjoying getting to know you.  Being an English professor, I'm fascinated by your answers to the first question, about the books that have shaped you.  I've discovered that there are a lot of Harry Potter fans out there, but also a large contingency of John Green devotees.  (My teenaged daughter galloped through the entire Green oeuvre last spring, and she made me read The Fault in Our Stars, which I thought was a terrific YA novel.)    Anyway, I've now shut down the Moodle site, so if you have not submitted the Statement of Academic Interest (about 60 are still missing), please email the form directly to me at zlotnick@vassar.edu.