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A guide to contacting offices

Dear Class of 2017,

Vassar may be a small college but it still has a lot of different offices, and it's important to know where to direct your questions, if you want a timely (and accurate!) answer. The following information is intended to help point you in the right direction:

1. My office, which is part of the larger Dean of Studies Office, handles all academic questions. So if you have questions about pre-registration and you can't find the answer in any of the materials you've been sent, or on the Congrats2017 website, or on the Dean of Freshmen website, or in the Vassar catalog, then you should contact the Dean of Studies Office (845-437-5255). The name of the student receptionist who will be on the other end is Wade Crouch (wacrouch@vassar.edu). Wade is a rising sophomore from Texas, who plans on majoring in film. If Wade can't answer your academic question, then you should contact me at deanoffreshmen@vassar.edu.
2. All questions concerning housing should be directed to Residential Life.
3. All questions about tuition and billing should be directed to Student Accounts.
4. All questions about high school transcripts should be sent to the Admissions Office, which won't hand over you files to the Dean of Studies Office until the beginning of August.
5. All requests to change your home address should be sent to the Registrar's Office.
6. All financial aid questions go to the Financial Aid Office.
7. Questions about medical forms should be sent to the Health Office. Don't panic if you can't get an appointment with your physician before the July 1st deadline, but do make sure to have the form completed as soon as possible and before you get to campus.

On pages 52-53 of the Freshman Handbook you can find the contact information for all the offices mentioned above and many others as well.

My best,