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First-year students are assigned to faculty pre-major advisors until they declare an area of concentration (typically in the sophomore year), at which time they choose a major advisor from their department or program. The faculty pre-major advisor is assigned by the dean of first-year students based on the Statement of Academic Interests that all first-year students are required to submit on or before July 21. Please note that if you do not submit your Statement of Academic Interests by the deadline, you will be randomly assigned to a faculty pre-major advisor.

More information about faculty advisors

“Advising U” Video Series

Are you confused about which math or biology class to take? Watch these advising videos created by the departments of Biology, Chemistry, Hispanic Studies, and Mathematics to answer common questions about placement and course sequences.

Mathematics Professor and Department Chair Natalie Priebe Frank advises incoming VC first-year students.

Biology Professor and Department Chair Bill Straus advises incoming VC freshmen.

Chemistry Professor and Department Chair Zachary Donhauser advises incoming VC first-year-students.

Hispanic Studies Professor and Department Chair Mihai Grunfeld advises incoming VC first-year students.

Professor of Philosophy Bryan Van Norden on Finding Courses Using AskBanner.